This is the story of a family who were in business in Limerick for over 600 years and who served their city during all that time. It is usual that families would fade after a number of generations but the Arthur family remained prominent generation after generation as no matter how many times they were knocked down they simply started again and were soon just as successful or even more successful than they had ever been. Their eventual fall came about not as a result of any action of their own but through the jealousy and emnity of others.

I would like to acknowledge the information and help I received from the following without whom this site would not have been what I hope it is and without whose help and encouragement I could not have put this site together.

Br. Charles Firmin Arthur son of Joseph William Arthur, Gabriel Arthur son of Joseph Arthur the photographer, Fiona Arthur daughter of Gabriel, Anne Marie Brennan granddaughter of Joseph Arthur the Photographer, Nick Arthur great grandson of Charles William Augustus Arthur of Glenomera, Mary Hill, Mary Warren Darley, Helen Chambers, George Quain Anthony McCan and Keri Ferguson.


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